Steven Universe “Coach Steven” is gross




Steven Universe keeps up being as ew as it began?

*This total preference creator-pet-like role Pearl gets, the only can-be-read-as-white gem.
*Should I feel for Pearl because she wants literally ALL Steven’s admiration to herself instead of ALL OF THEM?
*Is this the whole voice role of Nicki Minaj we got excited over? Pathetic.
*The fact that two black-coded characters together form a beast, a gorilla-like being. A double black body is a beast in appearance and mind. Grace and intelligence is added by a white-coded body.
*The fact this white-coded gem beats up the double black women gem because brains is better than brawl? You had to dismiss brawl as a weaker strength instead of a different strength? So elitists nerds can feel better?
*Both the black bodies lie there, beat up by mighty-whity and she celebrates much to their pain and annoyance and Garnet said they deserve it because they were wrong. Fuck off.

I am not even beginning about how they keep destroying their cultural heritage without making anyone, even themselves, care one bit. What a mess of writing.

This is a gross show and I hate you all for acting like it is WOC-positivy and ignoring at least the colorism going on, for acting like it is cute, for acting like it is any good. Why are you all usually so good at seeing stuff like this but now leave me hurt after promising me nice things?

Whoa whoa WHOOOOOOOOA there.

Okay as much as I enjoy this kind of discourse, this seems a bit much in general.

I have never seen any real showing of creator preference for Pearl. And more than that, I have never… ever actually read pearl as white? Even if she COULD be read as white, it doesn’t mean she has to be or that she is.

No, you shouldn’t feel for Pearl because she want’s ALL of steven’s admiration, but rather because she has anxiety over traditional ideals of strength. Sugillate is a horrible destructive force, and pearl, while an amazing fighter, is not as strong as her partners. She relies entirely on her brain and fighting skill, and sometimes that’s all you DO have. She fears that her strength isn’t good enough, and that it doesn’t match up to her two other teammates, and when they fuse, that becomes even more of an issue for her. Traditional ideals of strength bother her greatly, and make her feel less important because she doesn’t match up to them, and her wanting steven’s admiration, more than anything, is because she wants to have her feelings and everything she stands for as far as her own strength goes, validated.

It is entirely weird that Nicki getting this role, at all, in any way, is pathetic. OR even seen as a bad thing at all. ATTTTT ALL. This is literally just saying “shame on you for liking this thing. for wanting this to be a thing” but than again most of this post is kinda that.

Lets stop for a moment. Please. Let’s please consider how fusion’s work. They amplify the good and bad things in both. So with Sugillate, seeing as Garnet is extremely physically powerful and has a violent streak, solving most of her problems with violence if she doesn’t have a good grasp on the situation, and Amethyst, who is rather rude and doesn’t takes most things seriously, but is very precise and also fairly physically strong, they turn into a really huge, really destructive, and really obviously violent being. That is the price that comes with the fusions. You become stronger for a time, but your negative traits get amplified to a scale that’s PROBABLY PRETTY DISTRUCTIVE.

This is the same with Opal, though in a different way. Opal, being the fusion of amethyst and pearl, who is excellent at graceful fighting, and very quick on her feel, but has emotional problems out her butt, along with amy’s traits, make a being that in extremely graceful and  precise, but is really irresponsible and  easily forgetable if the episode she showed up im has any clues into her personality.

These are not just cuz two blacks make monster, but this is how the fusions work. You give up good things for power in battle.

Oh but let me touch on the actual problem with this argument. The idea that because these two black coded (which I don’t even agree with, I read amy as asian) somehow made a gorilla type character when the only thing that really implies that at all is that she’s big. That’s HELLA problematic. That’s as problematic as when some person just looks at a monkey in a cartoon and says “that’s racist, that must be the cartoonist trying to say black people are monkeys” because GOD have I heard that a lot and GOD am I fucking tired of it. She was strong, She was big. She through her weight around, and all that leans into her character type, and a part of her personality. The moment you start saying it’s racist because MAYBE she’s a little animistic, which, again, isn’t even true, is when it becomes a problem.

This is not about a white coded body or a black coded body adding anything. This is about characters good and bad traits mixing together to make something difference than either one of them. That is all.

I already when into this, but Steven Universe, from the start, has been about subverting certain things held on a pillar in current society. Physical strength is still, in a lot of cases, seen as true strength. More valid than mental and tactical or even just inner strength. Dismissing that this is trying to be empowering to people who don’t have physical strength because maybe nerds will be like “EW JOCKS YEAH IM BETTER” Is silly on a small scale and problematic and a larger one. ending up invalidating people who don’t have physical power, through one reason or another.

No they deserve it they almost killed her and everyone else on the beach because they HAD to fuse together??? This isn’t because they were black and they were wrong for being black. They deserved anything that happened because THEY ALMOST KILLED THEIR FRIENDS. Context is important.

And on the destroying their cultural heritage. The Crystal Gems are defenders. They are protectors, maybe just of earth, maybe of the universe at large, and every time this kind of thing happens, and they have to take out these big Gem cultural things, its because their effect would be dangerous if it was left unchecked, this one being one that would cause a LOT of problems. They say it messes up TVs but only so Steven could understand. The temple was sending out EMPs, which if they got more powerful, could shut down important computers, maybe in airports or other computer run places, which could make people lose their lifes. Protecting people comes first for Gems, more than keeping a dangerous bit of their history in tact.

Steven Universe in not by any means a perfect show. It doesn’t do everything right, but a lot of the problems being brought up here are made up, and are in a lot of cases, problematic and insensitive in their own right.

And shaming people for liking something is probably not a really good way of explaining that something is wrong with a show.

  • “I have never seen any real showing of creator preference for Pearl.” – Then you haven’t been paying attention. It’s been there from the start. In the fandom too.
  • “And more than that, I have never… ever actually read pearl as white? Even if she COULD be read as white, it doesn’t mean she has to be or that she is.” – Please read OP’s first point again and understand that the use of “white-coded” after that is just short for “can-be-read-as-white”. So, there’s no conflict here between the two of you and you had no reason to write that bit. 
  • OMG, the light-skinned body is not a force of destruction like the dark-skinned bodies are! How revolutionary of the narrative of SU!
  • And then I should feel pity for the light-skinned body to be oh-so-unfortunately the smart one? Get real.
  • “Is this the whole voice role of Nicki Minaj we got excited over? Pathetic.” – Note the word “whole” OP used here. She was actually excited about Nicki Minaj, whom she admires, getting a voice role. But the exact voice role she got greatly sours the experience.
  • “I already when into this, but Steven Universe, from the start, has been about subverting certain things held on a pillar in current society.” – Ah yes. Like how our main protagonist is male and has a dead mother. And given how totally not SU is playing up colorism like its part of its job description there’s just so much subversion – how can one show contain all that!?
  • Also, please, for the love of everything, start asking yourself the question: “was this narrative necessary?” Because you are arguing like fiction is reality and not a product created by people subject to reality’s biases.
  • This isn’t the first time the Gems are cool with destroying part of their heritage and we still have got very little about who/what the Gems are. Trying to look at this from a real-life perspective in the way the dominating Eurocentric culture looks at other ones, no, I don’t find this acceptable storytelling. Especially when you read all of the Gems as POC.
  • I’m not even going to touch your not-gorilla logic and the derailing of what race/ethnicity Amethyst represents because it so completely misses the point it’s painful.

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An age slider is a system member whose age may change over the course of minutes, days, hours, or months, and who may progress forward or backward depending on circumstance, the person themself. This may be a result of shifting identity or shifting physicality within the inner world. Age sliding is the act of moving ages, while an age slider is a system member who does so or has done so in the past.


An originally psychological term for a system member. It can be short for alternate personality, alternate, alter ego, or alternate identity, many DID systems use this term, and it was once thought of as implying that system members were somehow ‘cardboard cutout’ in comparison to the host or core. As of recently it has become markedly more popular in denoting the same use as ‘system member’. Psychological alternates to this term are: personality, parts, aspects, fragments (easily confused with the type of system member by the same name). See also: headmate, skullbuddy, system member, other, collectivemate, systemmate.

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