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hey followers, I need some help. signal boosts for this post would be amazing.

I am flat broke. I have 5 cents in my account. I am mentally ill and unable to hold a job at this time, so I am currently applying for disability benefits but we all know that takes forever, and I will likely be denied anyway. my point: if anybody could find it in their hearts to donate some funds so I can pay my bills and get my medication and food, please go here



Hey y’all, I ran out of my meds and money at the same time. My meds help with a lot of things, but most importantly rn I can’t sleep without them. Like not one minute of sleep at all. So if you could get. Reading from me or get something from the store that would be amazing. I only need 9$ to cover this months batch.



Ok here we go. I don’t want to do this, like REALLY don’t, but I’m in a tight spot. 

I have secured at job at a new Amazon facility near me, but the job hasn’t started yet because they’re still getting things “up and running.” Which, yeah understandable, but I have literally $5 to my name. There’s about $350 that I owe from overdue phone bills, and I need a refill on my hormones which for some fucking reason my insurance won’t cover even though it’s illegal to deny trans healthcare to people in California now? I don’t know. Plus, I am mentally ill and I need to see my therapist regularly, which sadly costs money as well.

So if you could find it in your heart/bank account to donate a little to my paypal (c.james.robb@gmail.com) that would be absolutely freaking amazing. And if not, a signal boost would be greatly appreciated! I love you all!

repost: I’m asking for your help

signal boosting pls help if u can!!