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Atypical Autism Traits


The [ original source ] for these is highly gendered.

Under the cut, I am retyping the original source in gender-neutral language, as atypical autism traits do not only appear in girls.

If you are Autistic and your autism matches this profile, it does not mean that you must be a girl; it just means your autism is a kind that often gets missed by traditional diagnostic profiles. These traits were commonly found by researchers in cisgender girls, but they are by no means exclusive to cisgender girls.

The traits are split into four categories.

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okay can we just one last thing

spreading the idea that one is only triggered when having a full blown, system-shut-down panic attack is damaging and delegitimizing to people who have physiologically and emotionally different reactions to triggers.

like slow burning, long lasting unease and fear.

that’s a trigger reaction too.

please stop.

Some other trigger reactions (not an exhaustive list at all, some I’ve experienced, some I’ve known people who’ve experienced):

  • Feeling disconnected from yourself or the world.
  • Having any emotional or psychiatric symptom that you’re prone to but don’t always have (depression, hallucinations, delusions, etc.)
  • Physical symptoms made worse by severe stress or anxiety (I just got diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency, now I know why a sufficiently stressful interaction once left me barely able to breathe without a bipap, lots of chronic illnesses are susceptible to stress, some even have their onset triggered by stress)
  • Sudden distrust of everyone you interact with or are close to.
  • Disorientation.
  • A sense that the bottom has fallen out of the world and you don’t know where things stand anymore, everything seems alien and strange and impossible to navigate.
  • Inability to identify anything in your surroundings anymore (as in, what’s a chair, what’s a desk, etc.), everything reduced to sensory information only.
  • Emotional exhaustion.
  • Feeling keyed up or nervous all the time.

And that’s just off the top of my head.  There’s lots more triggers.  And a trigger can set off a short-term reaction, or a long-term reaction.  The long-term reactions can last for far longer than you’d imagine.  And if a person has the wrong physical illness, a sufficiently strong trigger can even be dangerous to their life — even if it’s not in the form of a total emotional breakdown.

So triggers don’t just come in one form, and they don’t just have one set of effects on the person, or one obvious severity.

this post is incredibly validating thank you

Plurality Glossary


Age Sliding

An age slider is a system member whose age may change over the course of minutes, days, hours, or months, and who may progress forward or backward depending on circumstance, the person themself. This may be a result of shifting identity or shifting physicality within the inner world. Age sliding is the act of moving ages, while an age slider is a system member who does so or has done so in the past.


An originally psychological term for a system member. It can be short for alternate personality, alternate, alter ego, or alternate identity, many DID systems use this term, and it was once thought of as implying that system members were somehow ‘cardboard cutout’ in comparison to the host or core. As of recently it has become markedly more popular in denoting the same use as ‘system member’. Psychological alternates to this term are: personality, parts, aspects, fragments (easily confused with the type of system member by the same name). See also: headmate, skullbuddy, system member, other, collectivemate, systemmate.

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