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The Village Idiot: So here’s my “little rant”…


First of all, I am so tired of pretending to be “okay”, when I am clearly not OKAY.

Yes, I am transgendered, and no I don’t “look like a boy”… well guess what; that does not mean I am any less transgendered. I have tried to deny these feelings ever since I was 17, and I am now 27. It makes me…

if i can help in any way, i definitely will. i know we dont live anywhere near each other and that we’re just url friends, but im still here for you all the same. i dont know any trans folks irl either, but i know that there are always communities out there.


The Village Idiot: So here’s my “little rant”…

Young Adult Survey


Recruiting young adults, ages 18-25, who identify as LGBTQ+ or who are questioning or are unsure of their sexual orientation or gender identity; or who have ever dated or been sexually intimate with a person of the same gender, to complete a confidential online survey! Participants who complete the survey will enter a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card.

Follow this link to participate: [www.tinyurl.com/YoungAdultResearch]

For questions please contact Dr. Katie Edwards at the University of New Hampshire: 603-862-3720 or katie.edwards@unh.edu

jsyk i did this & it was v in-depth, moreso than other surveys ive taken.


i just wanted to stop by and tell you that you make me so proud. ♥ #ace #trans #queer #glasses #piercings #greenhair #ftm #scar #cigarette #smoke #dietcoke #flash2k13 #borders2013 #whateverhappenshappens #diptych