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my old self doodles from 12/29/08i’d give most anything to be able to draw again.


went to bed sad
woke up sad
such is life

i’m just gonna leave this here and hope people see it:

my mood swings and impulses have been out of control for a few weeks.
i say things i don’t mean, i do things i immediately regret afterwards.
i guess you could say my bpd is ‘acting up’ severely.

so i’m honestly very sorry if i’ve ever done anything hurtful towards you.

my offenses have been things like making a comment abt self injury that i didnt word correctly and it came off wrong – i felt ignored, got angry.
commented on a trans* guy’s photo kindly, i thought, reminding him not to use the t-word, didnt get a reply, felt decimated.

all these little things that shouldnt matter matter to me greatly.

so i apologize.