here’s a collection of the various self descriptions i’ve used for a long while now & previously (everything still should apply)

susan & i, very similar
Susan Ashworth from Downfall (Redux) stood in a dingy, dirty doorway next to a mannequin holding a knife, looking at (the knife) & saying ‘i have to be careful not to cut myself…’ with a smile on her face


→ emery/28/robot,, nonbinary autistic novice bookblogger/booktweeter (amongst other things), i love stimming to techno music & reading nonfictional accounts, (the thing i say about my reading: “siri reads to me, its a collaborative effort,”), playing adventure games & going through the file cabinet of my mind over & over & over & over, repeating important things 04 times in a row, utilizing line breaks & making bulletpoint lists,


emery, 28/1990, ♏️/♎️/♓️/♒️, INFJ-T, robot/android, nb agender trans, [they/he], gay aroace, neutral good, dysfunctional empath, autistic/aspie (sdx w/dr support), dyscalculic, mentally ill neurodivergent person (general & social anxiety, chronic depression, bpd, ednos, avpd, c-ptsd, arfid, si) i have a learning disability that greatly affects my perceptual reasoning & working memory, along w/deficiencies in math & reading comprehension, so please bear with me as things are slower to come to me

emery, 28, trans queer aroace, nb agender robot, he &/or they, on the autistic spectrum: autie w/a learning disability/learning deficits, is mentally ill, & has executive function problems+

INFJ, small dog dad, neutral good, friend of robots & other electronic devices, anxious dyscalculic emo femme boy (ro)bot & living chromatic abberation, amateur digital artist & handheld camera photo person, & music stimmer

anxious brainweird dyscalculic queer nb transmasc-spec aroace autistic emo femme poly-questioning queer nanox aroace art boy w/bpd, avpd, & executive function issues+


weird, trans, autistic, gay, emo, bpd, avpd, dead+ most likely unable to tell if you’re joking, online journal of an irl Guybrush Threepwood, fake sociology major, sometimes can be (very) technical &/or pedantic or just specific, apprentice Silent Hill & Resident Evil historian

k͟e͟y͟w͟o͟r͟d͟s͟: weird, trans, autistic, learning disabled, gay, aroace, adhd, emo, enby, bpd, avpd, dead+ // t͟h͟e͟m͟e͟(͟s͟)͟: kindness & honesty, acknowledging & admitting when i’m wrong, studying human behavior(s), attempts to fix my broken brain (friends? how?)

if you have any questions or feel the need to contact me , please leave a message in my inbox & i’ll get back to you as soon as possible (-: