05/02/20, 1.22a // 28 Months Later..☣️

i don’t think i need to say much about the current happenings currently happening to everyone worldwide. it’s a very unstable time which has curiously brought the rest of the planet “into my world” so to speak. i can imagine other ppl with anxiety & depression++ may have observed this. now everyone is stuck sideways, not just me & other individuals. we’re all pretty sideways right now.

i’m trying to not think of this as the end of the world but it’s difficult not to succumb to the thought. in response i have ~gathered the courage~ to add ppl i used to go to school with & certain teachers on fb & ig bc i no longer care as much about hiding my being gay & trans from them (which i’d do bc a lot of them are xtian still). i don’t know what they think of me now, if they’ve even given me any consideration. it may be more likely with the stay-at-home orders in place. this is really a curious & odd period of time.

indulging in my (potentially annoying) flowery wording desire: this period is like my internal surreality…. manifest!