02/08/19, 01.29a // lj.city (?!)

“it’s logjam city, Jake. Logjam City!!” – Boyle, Brooklyn 99

starting this week, on monday i spent mon, tues, wed, & thurs “”coding”” from 8/9a to midnight every day & night. i finally am teaching myself how to program/write code, etc.(?) i think. i learned how to make a bot using ‘Tracery’ (link) but it’s far, far, far, far from finished. i actually should spend some time working on it & potentially making another except really try to figure out how to write the code in a more dynamic way.

mon-thurs spent programming for hours & hours, time melted away but i had such a good feeling of having made progress i didn’t regret any of the time i spent unlike how i sometimes feel after falling down (a) rabbit hole(s) on the internet absorbing nothing but garbage information not relevant to me or helpful in any way, just mindless existence (??) coding is amazing, actually. but it’s not the easiest thing, hyuk hyuk ~ i’ve been absorbing all this ~computer knowledge~ since i was 17 & had my first laptop accompanied by woefully undetected learning disabilities. it’s just that /now/ i a.) know how to accommodate my LDs more & b.) have a good computer that has better access to programs like VirtualBox that give me a 4-day sneak peek window into Ubuntu (which i really, really like)

in any case i read it’s not the best idea to continuously rely on a double boot (running 2 operating systems at once) (cuz i only have one machine, geez) but i don’t want to wear out the only computer i have. i’m /just/ getting out of this depression hole enough to return to regular computer use & coding is such a powerful motivator i want to aim for getting another machine i can install Linux/Ubuntu on that’d solely be dedicated to it so i could have a more stable environment to practice & learn. sounds great ((-:

for now i’m hoping to turn my attention to the mastodon instance i have asked/paid for masto.host to create for me. it’s not in existence yet but will be soon. there’s no rush though. but honestly this is a feeling very reminiscent of how i felt on xmas as a very young child. (way before…. The Disillusionment ~!) this is so exciting. i hope i do well as well an admin. i’m excited & super nervous. the creator & i exchanged some late-night (for them) emails & was very kind & understanding of how i’m a beginner (or so i gleaned)

for some reason it feels like i’m now making noticeable progress in pulling my life together.. (?)