05/18/18, 11.41a // 📓🌩

(11.41a,) we’re going to have to get going soon but i really don’t want to leave the house today ;___;)/
– (04.03p) dang i can’t believe i actually did it

(04.04p,) i’m probably going to have to feed the dogs in a bit

(04.06p,) my left ear was…. doing some weird crackly thing in the car today while music was playing, which was most of the time. i don’t want to freak myself out abt my huge fear of hearing loss coming true but….
– (04.07p) it’s just going to make me more anxious & i don’t want to be crushed by anxiety right now. is it helpful for me to think those things? no, so i need to focus on not feeding the fire

(04.12p,) how odd that both of these cards are me & were found side-by-side

(04.19p,) yay i get to feed the dogs, i am genuinely excited (-:

(05.48p,) therapy @ 9p

(06.57p,) this week’s self portrait(s)


(07.05,) – i don’t think i’ve had my shot for maybe.. 2wks? //-: & i am afraid of things happening. i requested a refill & it’s been filled, i just need to go get it. but i’ll get it on monday. fcuk i also need to ask abt ordering more needles & such, we’re almost out

(10.32p,) 05/17/18 // SCN’s theborderlinepatient.blog/2018/05/17/051… (😅)

(10.32p,) added a link to this acct on an old one that technically could be found by mutuals & Incredibly Nervous

(11.43p,) these are definitely some “slappin’ bangers” as some music enthusiasts say ~
– (11.46p) [napoleon dynamite voice] tina !! stop slappin’ on my bangers !!! 🍌

(11.48p,) i think my hearing thing happens when i try too hard to hear, if that makes sense. i’m too tense & need to relax
– (11.52p) hey emery did you hear that…. Y O U N E E D T O R E L A X !!!!

(11.54p,) i’m going to use the outdated word “techno” bc it’s still legitimate in my heart (which is consequently, full of techno)

(11.57p,) i want Online to be like the movie “Chatroom” in terms of the chat room attendance presentation & stuffing all the tr*ggering things in a box that’s put under the couch
– (11.58p) i’m doing that last one independent of the script, i didn’t make it that clear