05/17/18, 09.22a // 📓😭

(05/16, 11.31p,) going to be up @ 7.30a
– (09.22a) 9.22a dance party
— (10.55a) 10.55a tiredness
— (01.28p) 1.28p hunger shakes

(09.26a,) they’re successfully under the house so i guess i cleared up enough for them to hopefully not knock anything over, though i’m very anxious about this possibility & i really don’t like having strangers (dirty strangers after they get out from under the house) in my room*
– (“,) *my favourite place, probably ever

(09.28a,) i’ll try to start the first draft of my review today or tomorrow (hopefully today), i don’t want to make the author wait much longer (i feel bad. i have 5 weeks total & 2 have passed by)

(01.41p,) oh no i just had a terrifying thought. i’m seeing my psychiatrist tmrw & i was supposed to have gotten my bloodwork done (i’m usually late bc needle fear) & so i just thought “hey i have a f/it/b/it, maybe i could show him my results?” but i do not want to do that