05/14/18, 02.37a // 📓🌈

(02.37a,) ideas at 2am, but still
– (02.38a) i mean, not that anyone has asked, i just wanted to convert all my thoughts into text, heh

(05/13/18, 3.59p,) this is probably evident but i don’t do trigger warnings here, (sorry, i’m sorry). if twitter had content warning features like masto does we wouldn’t have this problem
– (02.40a,) oh look at me, changing my mind, a g a i n …. if trigger warnings are required i will gladly provide them

(03.22a,) 05/13/18 // Mother’s Day 2018 theborderlinepatient.blog/2018/05/13/051… (😅 😅 😅 😅)
– (03.26a) aw that’s not the picture i wanted

(03.26a,) oh i should maybe go to sleep soon

(08.55a,) i’m so incredibly sad that my classes are ending & will never be taught again

(08.57a,) me/us/them/we

(08.58a,) – some of my meds got stuck in my throat
– i didn’t have time to eat breakfast
– i have water from school but it’s not as appealing as Home Water

(09.03a,) & i have a very noticeable pimple too