05/13/18, 12.42a // 📓🚀

(12.42a,) now i just need to finish the reading questions so i can start the book again

(12.56a,) 05/12/18, 02.43p // reading guide questions: “Snowflake Obsidian: Memoir of a Cutter (2nd edition)” // 1st read, (q’s 01-10/18) theborderlinepatient.blog/2018/05/12/051… (😅)
– (01.05a) i hope the author doesnt (book)namesearch.. just yet. bc i’m not done yet, but my comfort level is putting together my thoughts in installments seeing as doing the Whole Thing is too overwhelming for me


(03.47a,) why am i not sleeping. im up being anxious about food & my weight. fcuk this i just want to sleep all day

(12.56p,) got a new shirt yesterday. it’s from one… instagram.com/p/BiuupS0hPMtQ…
– (02.07p) instagram version (ig has such good editing tools)
— (02.08p) im in love with high contrast editing

(02.11p,) me: here’s a picture i took
online ppl: what the everloving FLOOP IS THIS??!?! you took a picture of this which means that you are DEFINITELY HAVE CONTROL OVER THE SITUATION
me: ah, it looks to me like a serious case of Internet Disillusionment
– (02.12p) maybe work on your skills in interacting w ppl online before jumping down everyone’s throat


(03.59p,) this is probably evident but i don’t do trigger warnings here, (sorry, i’m sorry). if twitter had content warning features like masto does we wouldn’t have this problem

(04.01p,) just had a major change in my regular schedule &, surprise surprise, i’m drowning in anxiety about it now…. hahah i hate my brain
– (04.03p) i’m trying to breathe & not have a panic attack on top of stopping all the negative thoughts i direct towards myself at times like these…. i have so many smooth criminals juggling in the air right now, geez

(05.16p,) these pants are…. growing on me 😱😱


(05.23p,) i skipped breakfast & lunch.. but i had brunch…. so


(05.30p,) thought: “i want to wear these pants to school. but ppl hate fat ppl in skinny jeans”
ok, so in order to avoid potential ridicule, i need to hide my body until i can “”fix it”” which is what i’ve done my entire life. & i am tired of putting everyone else before myself