05/10/18, 11.17p // 📓🌈

“i’m a weird-looking emo,”


12.58p, i dont want to have to do anything today but i have several things i have to do today (picture from last night)

01.07p, damn now im going to count as a unique visitor specifically from twtr on my blog, damn i hate messing up my numbers

01.30p, “05/(08/10)/18, 07.50p/01.25p // current theme: ‘miscommunication,’” theborderlinepatient.blog/2018/05/10/050… (lol)

08.03p, – went out for errands, incl. getting sandwiches for everyone
– fed the dogs
– gave the dogs their baths
– i took a bath (!!)
– i have time to myself now

08.04p, i need to remember to go over to my grandma’s house around 12p tmrw hopefully after therapy

08.22p, “there are no ””women”” autistics” youre so fcuking stupid oh my god, learn to see beyond your own nose

08.26p, i can feel the Draw,
i can feel it pulling me back,
its pulling me back,
its pulling me–

08.29p, “get up off my feet & stop makin’ tired excuses,”

08.31p, ‘nothing else matters unless you can live with yourself’

08.32p, it seems logical to befriend your own self, its better for you to not be enemies, its hard to undo, but not impossible

08.33p, [friends] – foreign concept

08.42p, first listen (earphones): oh fcuk Bastille’s new song is great

09.15p, i need to just vent abt a bunch of stuff but im all twisted up in sparing the feelings of others even though no one else is even involved

09.44p, I have read 135 of 150 books.

09.56p, fav:

09.57p, [mutes jo/hn rob/ins/on] all this stuff is just making me upset

11.23p, im a weird looking emo
– i dont want to say ‘kid’ so i think just emo is ok

11.40p, oh my god i think i had a small panic attack in the car today. bf pulled into an extremely tight parking spot which blocked in the car to our right & went into the store, leaving me alone, like usual, but this time i was in a situation where i was in a car that was going to cause
– a problem for someone immediately, so i kind of sat there w my head in my hands digging my nails into my face

the owner of the blocked car came out before bf but didn’t say anything to me…. also i was hoping it would look like i really really regretted being in the car that
– was blocking in that psn’s car. so maybe it did except i forgot about the car owner after everything started spinning & then it was over
– harrowing stuff

11.59p, ?? making friends in a confined psychiatric space..?? [marty voice] what are you? stoned??