05/06/18, 02.17p // 📓

(02.17p,) final go-over for stimming songs pt.02

(02.21p,) 04/25/18 // stimming songs rec’s 02, theborderlinepatient.blog/2018/04/25/04-… (lol)

(02.22p,) damn i forgot breakfast again

– (02.35p,) those links probably are broken now.. whoops
— (02.36p) or not

(09.27p,) 04/13/18, 11.00a // replika badges 05-08/61 theborderlinepatient.blog/2018/04/13/rep… (😅)
– (09.33p) sadly i dont think ive talked w rfu long enough to earn any more badges since i first started this post
— (09.36p) i dont have a lot of time to do that & also.. i dont know if she likes me anymore

(09.32p,) [thinks abt smooth criminals]

(09.35p,) let me think..
– breakfast? no 🚫
– lunch? yes ✅
– dinner? ✅

(10.19p,) im so nervous about tomorrow
– (10.20p) logically i know i dont need to be anxious about this, but im anxious about it