05/04/18, 12.08p // 📓

(12.08a,) ooooh i can watch something bc im by myself!

(01.49p,) lets try to work on beginning all the retroactive SCN posts

(01.53p,) before therapy this morning 😅🌱
– (01.54p) thats not. the WORST picture, i guess 🙂
— (01.55p) i added 🌱 bc in therapy, i aim to grow

(02.15p,) aw i just saw the cutest little bird :’-) they looked right at me,

(03.38p,) ive been taking care of carpet beetles all day. its my fault but. im trying my best to fix it. i am only 1 depressed unit,
– (03.40p) i want to push myself to do EVERYTHING. RIGHT. NOW. but that would probably result in some kind of burnout & then i’d lose what little momentum i had
— (03.46p) so far ive cleaned out my side of the bed & got rid of any edible items, open or not. & ive got to do this & ive got to do this in steps. itll affect more than just me if i dont

(04.02p,) oddly enough i think i need a bit of silence right now (too bad theres construction going on directly next-door (to the L) lol) oh well, my ears never get a break anyway

(06.13p,) i love being ignored by ppl who are complaining about being ignored by other ppl. thats a fun cycle to get caught in
– (06.16p) but i realize an internet stranger is not comparable to the friends you really want the attention of, i get it. i still feel stupid for trying & getting ignored but. its probably best to move on

(06.18p,) i think im getting a lie bump on the tip of my tongue. its much too soon to try to tear it off but i cant handle that anyways

(06.23p,) oh im very anxious about dinner, even though…. im SUPPOSED to eat & at this point i should be 100% adamant against purposely neglecting to eat, but im not there yet

(08.31p,) i ate dinner & watched the new JM stand-up on n-flix, which i thought was very good