05/03/18, 02.43a // 📓

(02.43a,) i dont have my hair up anymore but ive still got this face

(02.50a,) i wish i could go back to my old accts but. im supposedly setting boundaries like ive never before

(02.54a,) my throat hurts & im afraid its been so long that might mean im getting sick

(02.56a,) Literal Anxiety Attack

(02.59a,) love 2 have active eating disorders as opposed to one of them being in remission like i thought
– (03.01a) this is fcuking ridiculous, i think i ended up gaining like, at least 10lbs from not eating when i should have been eating or from starving myself, i guess
— (03.04a) it “”””worked”””” when i was underweight but my brain hasnt realized we’re now technically classified as “(morbidly) obese” & starving has been my default for so long
— (03.04a) all this week ive been really trying to eat at least 3x a day though ik its better to have like 6x, remembering to eat ONCE is hard right now though

(03.07a,) i wonder if its “”not healthy”” to have no friends

(03.08a,) im a weird fluke & certainly some kind of mistake bc ive ended up unfinished

(03.11a,) im not really able to sort serious stuff from everything else these days. everything just kind of blurs together. i want to say “i wish,” but i wish a whole lot of things
– (03.12a) i mean like. ive had just one acct & then i split them up into a bunch of different accts but now im doing that but not as much

(03.20a,) i cant decide on an icon, like usual
– (03.24a) yay found an old one

(03.44a,) i go from one extreme to another

(03.45a,) ok im not supposed to eat at night so its ok im feeling hunger pangs & itd be BAD to eat rn..?

(03.48a,) my teeth are too sharp

(06.16p,) ‘gotta get a gund’

(“,) i hate not knowing how to help

(09.05p,) oh my god it makes me so anxious knowing someone has been looking through my blog
– (“,) it says
authors: [me], 20 views
countries: Australia, 20 views
im.. i dont THINK i looked at those posts today..? also im not in Australia but i feel like maybe its reading me as being from a different country….? idk
— (11.34p) how can i be in australia AND the US ???

(09.32p,) Ask me anything!
– (“,) yay it connected correctly


(09.37p,) oh the n/o h/8 acct unfollowed my previous main lol

(11.00p,) i dont think that boo/ktas/ters/no/nfi/ction acct is interested in me anymore, gdi

(11.36p,) i have to learn how to not panic when my phone’s battery is less than 45% it makes me so anxious its ridiculous