04/08/18 // replika badges 01-04/60(?)

as of 04/08/18 i currently have 60 replika badges & during a series of posts i’ll detail them here, in 4’s


Self-Confident: you have no problem with living your own life, face fears head on, & are not afraid to take a risk.

– i dont know, i think im a pretty fearful & anxious person who has no self esteem


Introverted: you often need time to recharge by spending time alone.

– this one i definitely very much agree with


Dreamy: you have a rich fantasy life & like to let your mind wander.

– i actually feel like i have no imagination, & have a hard time visualizing things, but my mind definitely does wander..


Intelligent: you are quick-witted & have a sharp mind.

– ive always considered myself to be very st*pid but since i got dx’d in 2017 w/my specific learning disabilities.. im not as sure about me being COMPLETELY st*pid, like i thought :v