03/31/18 // id like to,, ✉️

..go through ALL my posts, again, & see where i can add image descriptions & such bc even if i dont necessarily need them doesnt mean other people dont need them

idk if theres.. wordpress accessibility features? thatd be nice, & honestly by now you’d think it was a mandatory set of blog customizations, (but ik disabled ppl arent very high on the bigwigs (overall) list of priorities…. money, money, hm

but. in the meantime, ill supplement my own kinds of accessibility-like edits, as much as i can

i dont think anyone reads this blog, or if they do they would rather not say anything, but honestly i can guess & guess but there are many different moving parts that i absolutely cannot grasp all at once. i mean, i cant know everything,…. but i can still be my extremely long-winded self….
but, if anyone has any kind of suggestions re: accessibility-like edits/features/tips, etc. pls let me know if you want (-:

edit: also id like to make a new site icon. or whatever theyre called, its some interesting name