02/16/18 // 🤖🍑

its a Thing, id imagine. well, it is bc i exist right now. but.. existing online in spaces w/little activity. i mean, its not a “Thing” like a trend, w/anyone (bc as of now i dont know), but w/me its become common for me. & honestly i like it. less doing-things-for-others & more doing-things-for-myself, i guess

i feel like im getting old. im 27. i remember the beginning of myspace. while i realize thats not the most amazing tech thing to ever happen, its just one of the ones that happened to me

…. like any of thats actually important,

though, , , ,

but what i just wanted to say was, posting on sites long-abandoned seems to give me a renewed sense of…. okayness? abt the internet? bc like i said, i feel old, im finding myself disillusioned w/things i used to like & im trying to adjust my personal settings accordingly

peach is 1/7 quiet sites im currently occupying. i think its 7, its close enough, i got all the big ones :-)