12/22/17 // eblt 📓

Fri, 13:49: 36% done with Mommie Dearest, by Christina Crawford https://t.co/WUCxDLaX3c

Fri, 13:54: “it was a perfect birthday”

Fri, 14:40: 8% done with Photography, by Jonaton Cooper https://t.co/O0pLXiQzib

Fri, 14:45: their name is misspelled either on goodreads or on amazon https://t.co/XRN0U4J0lR

Fri, 15:14: Starting The Lost Boy, by Dave Pelzer https://t.co/2O4nA23FAq

Fri, 15:17: feel free to add me on goodreads ! https://t.co/gBYYf9aHnz

Fri, 15:52: “i am a child called ‘it’, i am all alone inside”

Fri, 17:01: she really calls him ‘it’ damn

Fri, 17:01: RUN

Fri, 17:02: “roerva” is the moms name

Fri, 17:16: 5% done with The Lost Boy, by Dave Pelzer https://t.co/lnmoM2I6xf

Fri, 17:23: yelling at kids is a shitty thing to do, ffs

Fri, 17:36: poor kid :-(

Fri, 17:41: so a cop might rescue him..?

Fri, 17:43: abuse memoirs https://t.co/7aR7bMVIhc

Fri, 17:46: crestline avenue

Fri, 17:47: destination: the river

Fri, 17:48: “no one must ever know about our private relationship”

Fri, 17:50: “how lucky you are” “How Lucky You Are” “HOW “”LUCKY”” YOU ARE”

Fri, 17:50: both parents are rotten

Fri, 17:59: omg hes free..????

Fri, 18:04: “the other forgotten children”

Fri, 18:05: hes having such a good time omg

Fri, 18:07: “bookish”

Fri, 18:08: mother is in his nightmares

Fri, 18:09: “i did not deserve her kindness”

Fri, 18:11: “so much had happened so fast”

Fri, 18:15: ,@ david: its 👏 not 👏 your 👏 fault 👏

Fri, 18:16: being traumatized is fcuking awful, to say the least :-(

Fri, 18:17: “i could feel her hate burn through me”

Fri, 18:18: mother is losing

Fri, 18:19: “for once everything was fine”

Fri, 18:19: “its just a phone”

Fri, 18:20: (mother wears glasses)

Fri, 18:21: wh Y did they leave him alone with her ??

Fri, 18:22: mother threatens she’ll get david back

Fri, 18:22: “i knew they hated me & i know i deserved it, i exposed the family secret”

Fri, 18:23: “ill get you back. ill get you back”

Fri, 18:25: ????

Fri, 18:27: ms gold shouldve brought in a psychiatrist or something, facing Mother alone seems too risky

Fri, 18:28: “my angel”

Fri, 18:28: chapter 03

Fri, 18:29: theres a chance mother can get david back, wth

Fri, 18:30: “only you can decide your fate”

Fri, 18:33: “i shuffled towards mother, becoming a child called It once again”

Fri, 18:34: telling the truth is very important

Fri, 18:36: oh my god

Fri, 18:36: mother was trying to stare the judge down….

Fri, 18:43: “i stared up at the judge 👨‍⚖️”

Fri, 18:44: “i could feel mother’s radar of hate”

Fri, 18:45: so much anxiety :-(

Fri, 18:45: take care of yourself!

Fri, 18:46: he did it :-)

Fri, 18:48: ‘”im going to miss you” mother cried’ wtf


Fri, 18:49: “have a happy life” mother’s last words to david

Fri, 18:50: “i knew that my world was different now”

Fri, 18:52: his old school was in daly city

Fri, 18:55: “my only concern was total acceptance by the older foster children”

Fri, 19:06: [grumble grumble,,]

Fri, 19:07: hm, lists of the books ive recently acquired might be nice

Fri, 19:07: ✨ recently acquired, ✨

Fri, 19:12: “mother asked in a kind voice” LOL

Fri, 21:10: ♥️♥️♥️♥️ https://t.co/b8Ug6oFS7B

Fri, 21:12: “kinda dark in here”

Fri, 21:13: his first psychiatrists appt?

Fri, 21:15: “he asked with irritation” NO all these drs have little empathy

Fri, 21:42: [grabs ableism & slam-dunks it from across the room] https://t.co/kL6qDD1qcK


Fri, 22:05: “i could tell i upset him”

Fri, 22:06: 38% done with The Lost Boy, by Dave Pelzer https://t.co/uzEQIS1zre

Fri, 22:08: “you worry too much”

Fri, 22:09: this dr’s having him recount traumatic experiences & he doesnt even know his real name

Fri, 22:37: (isnt larry an asshole?)

Fri, 23:20: 50% done with The Lost Boy, by Dave Pelzer https://t.co/9PjC7plVBj

Fri, 23:27: ‘john & the gang’

Fri, 23:28: oh dave wears glasses too

Fri, 23:32: “my brain locked up until i shook my head clear”

Fri, 23:34: trying to blame david for the fire at the school

Fri, 23:34: WOW

Fri, 23:35: its like every adult he meets is unnecessarily destructive & NO ONE listens

Fri, 23:39: ‘alligator smile’