05/19/17, 02.54a // another night of not killing myself,

which is good, i guess. im currently in the backyard, in the shed, smoking & i guess just being on my phone, mostly twitter & photo editing like it always has been. the weed im smoking must be working after all bc im having auditory hallucinations. that just adds to my anxiety. i am anxious 24/7 basically. my relationship has gotten so stressful & ive been cutting & ive been visibly depressed, & im generally good at hiding it from my family, but theyve noticed. this also sucks bc my relationship problem overall is too hard to be able to explain w/out taking a long time to think abt it. thats what im going to do, im going to write a letter to S**** w/dr w’s help & hopefully she can get through to him

i want to kill myself so badly

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