02/09/17 // spring 2017: intro to typography, assignment 01 + practice 🎨

introduction to typography, spring 2017

so this semester @ lpc im taking introduction to typography (started at the beginning of the semester) & introduction to learning disabilities (will start in march) & im working w illustrator for the first time ever, basically. the class is good, im actually in the same classroom/maclab i was in for my introduction to digital photography class last semester/last yr, so its kind of odd but not as bad. im in a class w a lot of the teacher’s favourites. this guy named greg is good at designing things but talks too loud & too often in class & the teacher talks too

the second assignment is sth abt a well-known company’s logo & ive chosen flickr. & the 3rd is a personal monogram. so those last few are practice for the monogram assignment.
also i just emailed my teacher explaining things abt myself like me being autistic & having severe anxiety & i asked if i could not do the presentation parts of the assignments, bc im taking these classes for myself & not to do anything w career-advancing,, so we’ll see what he says.