my family is never going to not see me as “overly sensitive”

my republican gun loving nra member aunt & uncle ambushed me yesterday, basically. my uncle balked at the thought of my brother having adhd, i knew he probably thinks my brother is just lazy & plays video games all day but hey asshole its what can hold his attention so fuck you.

– they wanted a new picture of myself, i suspected bc of my transition, i told them that, they seemed offended & said they had no problem w what i was doing (lol). i didnt give them a picture

– they cornered me & asked me what i thought of gun control, i was so anxious i was shaking stuttering sweating & i tried mentioning something about mental illness in conjunction w gun control, my aunt said some throwaway thing about her sister being manic depressive (like she was saying “wait no i care about mentally ill ppl my sister is mentally ill so of course i care” when she was talking to me? another mentally ill person in her family who was actually right in front of her? uh huh

– my mom told me my aunt later asked her if she had offended me, i told my mom about the gun control thing & that i was horribly anxious & she seemed to accept it but as usual i can also tell shes being protective of family members even if theyre shitty (she also does this w my cousin who did stuff to me, which is worse) but theyre family! how could you treat family in such a disrespectful way!!! FAMILY WOULD NEVER DO ANYTHING BAD TO YOU HAHA of course family members are angels by default uwu~