it’s soooooo hot : fake dinosaurs myths, san francisco (2013) by torbakhopper how often we had the misproportions
at our fingertips

— too much of this
— too much of that!!!

a science in despair!

aloof, alone with destiny,
the relentless –

like masturbation

– a climax from

how i wish you were a dinosaur,
a fossil
i could study.

i’d make you up
and fabricate

a powerful state of being.

i’d mythify your skeleton
and modulate your capacity
for surviving
on instinct and carnivore talent

even though
it’s clear you
are imagination’s furrowed brow.

how easily disendowed.

what great creature
has such loss of prow?

sea sunk and desolate,
so late to save the sinking fate
of humankind.

the felon waves goodbye.
the holy spirit is nigh.