03/20/13 // 07.46a

maybe it actually was a date. it could have been the second one. im sitting out on the porch, smoking & enjoying a diet coke i bought last night (guess where) and im thinking about them.
there was a lot less anxiety getting there and i decided to spend the bart ride checking into different places on foursquare to pass the time. when i was nearing the civic centre station J. actually called me and i didnt hesitate to answer. i find that very interesting since id usually never answer the phone, especially if i was in such a public place as a bart train. but i did. :)
i got to market st. about 30min early so i walked over to a burger king i spotted so i went and bought a diet coke that turned out to be $3.03 (large) dear lord. but i had enough & my dry mouth was bothering me and i wanted to smoke. :)