now ive only gotten a little less that 3hrs of sleep so i’ll admit to my mind being out of focus but for ~some reason~ i still think there is something very off abt this person’s tweets & attitude. (bottom tweet was posted before the top).
honestly, can anyone help me find the words to describe this behaviour? all i can think of is ‘ignorant, mean, rude’ (which apparently is her name..
id really like some advice since i want to call people out on their bad behaviours. i could be wrong but something doesnt sit right w/me.

as a follow up, i think i answered my own question on facebook:

-hmm… weird. any others that seem to strike your attention?

me: well, other than that the person who runs the account seems to be a self righteous teenager, possibly just bored and trolling on a sunday, thats all ive noticed.

but then again, i could be totally wrong about this person, they could be a total sweetheart who just made the mistake of capitalizing on anti-queer bullying in order to get out of school.
but.. i think i just now answered my own question.

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