09/12/12, 03.55p // talking to my mom about my “”preferred”” pronouns

originally posted on 09/12/12, this edit: 03/18/18 // i no longer call my pronouns “”preferred”” :^)
at first I wasn’t being very successful in getting my point across. she was getting upset bc I think she thought I was personally attacking her, which I was not.

what I was explaining was how I haven’t been able to sucessfully talk/vent to anyone about how much the misgendering I’ve been experiencing has affected me. I tried talking to my therapist about it but ultimately I was told to have patience–a thing I already knew and agreed with, but I wished for just one victory.

so at first my mom got defensive as I told her how keeping this to myself was hurting & eventually angering me. I suppose she thought I was angry at her–in no way have I ever been angry w/anyone in my family, especially her. I know it’s hard for me but I’m not going to play the victim since that would do no one any good and I really do want to make this as ‘easy’ as I can on my family. (the word ‘easy’ in quotations bc I don’t expect it to be exactly that.)
we both feel the same in that if this problem–yes, I see it as a problem–if this problem didn’t exist, I would be much better off.

[saved as draft sept 12, 2012 — published 3/10/13]