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In the beginning of the movie:

In the end:

Moments when your mind blow.

his eyes are blue in the movies because Tom Hiddleston’s eyes are blue.  Sometimes they make them green in promos because Loki is supposed to have Green eyes (from the comics).  and they are different levels of blue at different times because that’s how blue eyes work sometimes. depending on surroundings and shit as to how blue the eyes appear.

that is it.  watch thor again, you’ll see his eyes were blue there too.  it’s not a crazy conspiracy to show you that Loki was mind controlled.

A lot of it is Tom’s eyes.

I don’t think Loki was as mind controlled as people think. I think it’s certainly possible he got in way over his head when teaming up with Thanos and wasn’t thinking clearly but I don’t think he was entirely mind controlled. If he was “under the influence” it’s because he chose to be. Loki isn’t a weakling who is easily taken advantage of. He’s actually quite powerful. He wouldn’t let someone else control him easily. Loki is angry. Loki is vindictive and it’s possible Thanos preyed on that and was using him but Loki chose to do the majority of the things he did. He is a trickster remember and he would be more than happy to let people think he ‘couldn’t help it.’ 

I don’t hate Loki despite what he’s done. I hate what he’s done but not Loki himself. I mean, Thor doesn’t hate Loki, he hates what he has become but he still loves his brother. It bothers me and others that fans feel that they have to justify what Loki has done in order to appreciate his character. Meanwhile, doing so takes away Loki’s agency and undervalues his capabilities.  

His fall from the bridge and time spent in ‘the abyss’ was most likely not pleasant. I don’t think Thanos welcomed him with open arms either. However Loki most likely worked up a deal – as he is prone to making deals that later backfire on him – in order to both survive but also to get what he wants: power, recognition, respect and to make a name for himself/establish his own identity as Loki…not Loki Odinson…not Loki Laufeyson…but just Loki.  

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