06/03/12, 02.04p // “rooty’s harness (red&black) review”

Hi guys!

So I’ve reviewed rooty’s briefs harness (more info at their site here) that I bought a month or so ago and was asked to post all my content, which I’m happily doing. :-)

I first heard about rooty’s from Rxxxx Kxxxxx through his blog wherein he wrote several reviews on their products. I quickly became interested in their products, especially since they are called “strapless harnesses” which was intriguing. After reading through Rxxxx’s review, I went on over to rootys.com to see what they offered.

The black and red briefs immediately caught my attention and I ordered one on the spot. I have to say, they’re a bit pricey but once they arrived in the mail I felt it was money well spent. Also, the 10$ off coupon that Rxxxx provided was a huge help. I love the simplicity of the design, the way it fits just right, and how it really lives up to being called a “strapless harness.”

I’ve also found that the rooty’s harness is very comfortable when packing (refering to the process of creating a rooty’s-looking/feeling bulge near one’s crotch). As a trans guy ham who prefers to pack all the time, I’ve been able to sucessfully use the rooty’s harness just by itself without any trouble.

Overall, the rooty’s harness is simply fun, looks great, is extremely comfortable, and I will definitely be purchasing more of their products, and look forward to future products to come.

above are the various photos i’ve taken of myself wearing the briefs harness.

UPDATE: Yesterday I ordered a pair of rooty’s boxey-briefs style harnesses and within a few hours after I’d ordered it I received an email that told me that the item had already been shipped! I would like to commend rooty’s on their excellent customer service and prompt responses to orders. And it helps that I live close to slam dang land, where they’re located. :-)

also: Don’t forget to visit Rxxxx’s blog

[old link] http://wanderlustrooty.tumblr.com, “http://wanderlustrooty.tumblr.com” to submit your photos, reviews, or both.

And check out [old link] http://wanderlustprince.tumblr.com/transupdates, “this page” of his blog to get a special (and amazingly generous) discount!

posting my review here bc this blog is more appropriate.

i’ve received my new boxer-briefs just this morning and a review will follow.

UPDATE: The coupon code ‘rooty’s’ will now be for 69$ off, plus free shipping and no tax.

old link: http://horrorfilm-redshirt.tumblr.com/post/23561269238/rootysreview, “original link for review here”