01/25/12, 05.05p // Chloe’s Story ♥️

so out of….16 i’ve done 7 & this is #8.

Chloe’s here with me right now. she’s laying next to me & using my jacket as a blanket. she’s feeling a lot better than yesterday, which i’m really thankful for. when she and her sister Pixie were tiny babies they had some sort of very serious medical condition. the breeders who are now family friends, Terry and Pedro, if it wasn’t for them and the amount of love they had for Chloe & Pixie, the dogs wouldn’t be here today. i was told that multiple vets were consulted and they found they couldn’t do anything, they didn’t know what was going on. but Terry & Pedro didn’t give up and even though i was told the whole ordeal was quite expensive (which doesn’t matter to them or me or anyone) Pixie and Chloe were finally treated.

when Chloe was a puppy, the time i first met her, we (my mom and i) were visiting Terry and Pedro in their home in Stockton. they have a huge house and it’s like a dream to my mom (antiques, “cute” items: a gay couple lives here). there were a lot of puppies and dogs running around in the tv room & kitchen where they were cordoned off. there was a really tiny gate that separated the dog’s area from their fancy, i suppose, living room. so as i stepped over the gate i surveyed my surroundings and when i looked down there was this tiny little curious puppy looking up at me. and then she climbed on top of my shoes in an attempt to get me to pick her up.
as the time i spent there went on i fell in love with her more and more and apparently it was really evident to everyone. Chloe just happened to be Pedro’s favourite and i felt bad at that time, but i have no need to now. :)
by the time i sat on the couch Chloe was showing her interest in me and so she jumped up on the couch next to me and did the cutest thing i’d ever, at that point in my life, seen: she showed me her ability to roll on her back in order for you to give her a tummy rub. now i know that when she does that to someone it means she likes them. so i scratched her belly & her ears and then sat her on my lap until she decided i was done. but she didn’t hop off my lap to go play with the other yorkies or to visit anyone else, she stayed put on my lap for the remainder of my time there. eventually she fell asleep on my lap and it was so hard to leave her.
this was early 2009 and i was still struggling w/depression. my mom made no secret of it but that didn’t matter to me. so Terry and Pedro knew about it. and it being 2009 i was due to graduate in june. so some kids get cars for grad presents, some kids get….i don’t really know what else but the point is that Chloe was my grad present, but in reality you know Chloe got out of that yorkie den and moved in with me. :)
or i could say that i gave birth to her! she is my child after all.

now she’s laying next to me, chewing a bone. my parents and Michael just got home so all the dogs are excited. she’s winding down. her struggling to breathe last night scared me a whole lot. i don’t know what triggers it, but it happens. i’m just glad it’s stopped.

here are some older pictures of her. maybe you’d like to see them. :)