01/23/12, 11.51a // “‘snaptastic’ photo editing app testing (droid),”

so i’ve been looking and looking for new photo apps for my LGE Ally (droid smartphone) bc i love them a lot and can’t get enough of them. don’t get me wrong, i’m very happy with what i have, it’s just i’m always hoping something like instagram or hipstamatic will become available bc i’m big fans of those iphone apps, but from afar.

my top android photo apps would have to be mytubo (highly underrated) and vignette (highly praised). i use those two the most.

i have picsay pro, one of the best photo editing apps but i came across snaptastic a while ago and tried out the lite version yesterday. here are the two photos that came from the lite version:


notice that there’s the snaptastic watermark in the bottom-right corner. that’s what i get for using the lite (free) version.

so this morning i bought the full version (costing around 5$; a bit pricey) but i really like the results i get from both the presets and my own messing around w/different options like saturation, hue, contrast, and many others.
and here’s the first picture i put together from the paid version. also, notice the nice lack of the snaptastic watermark. i do enjoy that.


although there are few presets, there’s plenty of room to make your own. and despite there being less than 10 border options, i still think overall, Snaptastic gets a thumbs up. :)

whoa, i kinda totally reviewed something. :)