01/22/12, 12.29a // “Anger is a short madness” indeed,

And I’m fucking mad right now. And also angry.

Alright. Explain to me in vague terms why you don’t share much of yourself w/me anymore but then what’s that? Oh okay, you’ll talk to her about it & stop talking when I walk in the room, then continue talking when I’m out of sight. I would speculate as to whether or not I’ve lost my first best friend but there’s no need bc simply: I do not recognize you anymore. I thought we were close. If I ask, I have to word things “correctly” but if you ask, I’ll readily tell you anything you’d want to know.

I want to say “fuck you” but instead I feel like crying.

I give you all the space you need. But you don’t need me anymore. Then I won’t need you either.