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Mall, applications, rite aid, long walks to the mall, to rite aid, back home, etc.

I wish I could ask a bunch of people if they would give me their honest opinions & observations on whether or not I pass. That would be really helpful. Personally I don’t think I pass. People stop wondering about my gender when I speak bc my voice is & has always been too fucking high.
That’s one thing I can remember, me always hating how high my voice was & is. Even when I was a little kid.
Little “girl.”

Hahh, id actually love to show C some pictures of myself when I was a kid. Everything I did was pretty much controlled by my parents — my mother especially. I never dared to question her authority on even the smallest of things like clothing. I just went along w/whatever she wanted me to wear (for school mainly) until junior year. So in old pictures, she’s the one who dressed me.

I find it odd that my memory of my childhood, that so much is missing or it’s just a blank. I’m pretty sure but at the same time not so certain that everything that I had blocked out has resurfaced. Odd indeed.