11/29/11, 05.36p // redux: “everything is breaking,”

a level-headed look at “everything is breaking 💔”

i was having a fair few shitty days and these factors didn’t make matters any easier.

when i posted my conclusion on what i thought life had taught be about friendship, i was in an irrational state/not thinking either clearly or at all.

looking past the picture of a seemingly apathetic emery (and maybe laughing about it), on that day i was hit with several negative things that just added to a pile of shit that had been started a few days before.

Sd — you’re being self-centred and, what? anything related to that? not everything is about you. and i know you know that. people have all sorts of different reasons for wanting to be your friend and not everyone is the same.
just bc these people liked you for that reason doesn’t mean those other people like you for the same. i know we have a bad? habit of lumping most everybody into the same piles but i can see that you can and will listen to reason. like you are now.