03/16/11, 12.31p // ‘oh goodness me,’

it’s been…since early august last year, hasn’t it? you’ll never guess where i’ve been. or maybe you will, i don’t know. i’ve been on tumblr the whole time. and boy have i grown! i can make quality gifs and graphics now! :)
well, in my opinion i can.

this is me right here: http://cutter-.tumblr.com
(that isnt me anymore)

BUT! i’m hoping to come back to LJ. that doesn’t mean it’ll happen, but it’s what i’m hoping for. maybe i’ll stick around here and post more of those shitty icons i make. :)

but maybe they’ve gotten better, who knows?

i don’t even know if anyone comes here (meaning my LJ) anymore. prob’ly not, but then all the more for me. ;^;

oh well, at least my username isn’t “zuckonit” :)
mood: crappy,