07/29/10, 03.10p // ‘i’m takin’ heat just for you,’

So, awesome. I completely failed to journal every single day this month like I had planned on. I guess my therapy situation excused me for that one week, though. I’ve missed this place (livejournal) nonetheless. Stupid tumblr. It’s fun but I don’t take it all that seriously unless there’s a tumblog on something important like Green Day or Michael C. Hall. My ex-girlfriend got me back into that site. I’d forgotten that I’d made a profile a year ago and now it’s populated…like a city! D:

I’ve been reading Sarah Waters’ novel “Fingersmith,” and I’m now well into part two. It’s a seriously good book. Tipping the Velvet was the first book of hers that I read. She’s a great author and makes great twists in her stories. They usually leave me gaping and saying, “what the fuck?” or “oh my god!”

[oh wow such a diverse variety of exclamations] 04/17/18

My mother and I talked about my meds and how they effect me (numbing my emotions, etc.), so she agreed to set up an appointment earlier than the one that was already scheduled so that this medication problem may be fixed sooner. Or so I hope.

Is it just me or is everyone better than me?
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