07/26/10, 12.27p // ‘outside looking in,’

Do you know what it’s like to live all alone?
To sit and wait to die while you slowly turn to bone.
I know there is no sense in this; you know not what I mean,
I’ve lost everything I used to love, or so that it would seem.
I seem to go nowhere, being punished for my sins,
And as the film draws to a close I’m outside looking in.


photobucket wants $$ for: “BJ5.gif”

There’s a snippet of what shitty “poetry” I can produce. I wrote that last night on my newly-revived tumblr.

And I made that gif a week ago along with a couple others (I’ll put those in the next graphic post).

I haven’t journal’d in a week and a day! I’m terrible. ): But then again, I had a terrible week.

On Friday I learned that my therapist is moving, which, and it sounds stupid but, broke me up inside.

OH POOR ME, I know. I can’t say anything else about it bc he told me not to tell anyone, so I’ll stop here.