07/16/10, 02.22p // ‘all out without you, having fun, you know?,’

I’ve got a headache that could turn into a potentially major one. I’d better watch out.

My Green Day poster arrived in the mail this morning. It looks like this (from Billie Joe up). I remember that I used to have one back when American Idiot first came out (this one), and I remember that I took it down quite violently and got rid of it. I’m kicking myself for that.

So I drew and scanned-in and coloured on CS3 and I like the end result. :) I don’t want to say that I’ve started again, that might curse it. >_> But I’ll say that I’ve taken steps towards…recovery. :) I like using that word in reference to my art. I never dared call myself an artist because I always thought that I wasn’t good enough but last night I was trying to sketch something and ended up writing,
“I may not be one of the populars, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not an artist.”
I like that quite a lot. That’s something I wish that I could’ve taught myself earlier, back when I drew practically everyday.

My headache hurts. Ow, ow, owch.
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currently playing: “Having a Blast” – Green Day