07/09/10, 01.54p // ‘noble deeds and hot baths,’

Oh no! I broke my stride*! Forgot to update yesterday. ):

Went to therapy today and it was fine, I won’t be going same time next week since he can’t see me, which makes me sad, but it’s necessary nonetheless. I watched four films this week: Hedwig and the Angry Inch, War of the Worlds (’05), The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and The Midnight Meat Train.

Watching that last one has set me off to re-read all three volumes of Clive Barker’s Books of Blood. I started with The Midnight Meat Train (I’m almost done) and now I’ll continue on from there. I really like them. :)

I’ve been on DailyBooth a lot and I need a break from it; one can get too wrapped up in it.

And I wish that my hair would grow faster, damnit.

Mental health problems
do not affect three or four out
of every five persons but one out of one.”

William Menninger

mood: discontent,

(*editor’s note: neokeepskicking @ ytmnd, 04/15/18)