07/04/10, 01.33a // ‘Dreamwidth,’

(from Dreamwidth): Dude, this is basically LJ in red. I feel weird about this.

Signed up yesterday just in case since I’ve been hearing some distressing things about LJ.

I’d really, really, REALLY hate to lose anything in my journal over there. I’ve got too much.

And I feel so stupid – I just found out about The Slender Man. I fucking love him.

(from livejournal): I set up cross-posting on DW and it works just the opposite of how I’d like it to work. I want my LJ entries to go to my DW account instead of the other way around. It’s a bummer. Anyway, that was the post I made.

So I watched all the videos on Marble Hornet’s YT account…some real cool stuff there. I meant what I said; I love The Slender Man. And FUCK. You know his symbol is the same as mine?? That’s so disappointing to me. But I’m not copying anything, I know that, so it’s alright.

I need to find a community that I can regularly contribute to. I don’t have any out of the handfuls of communities that I’m watching/a member of.

Later in the day, with fireworks and all, it’s going to be a bctih. They scare the dogs and just get annoying. All I want to do is try and photograph my brother while he lights sparklers. And that’s even if I feel like it. :b

I’m off to sleep! Wish me luck! ;)
(from wordpress): @ previous self, why the fcuk would one need to wish me luck w/that.. also i wonder if slenderman uses they/them bc that’d be…. (3___3)? (04/14/18)

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