06/27/10, 03.32p // ‘gay pride; its hot outside,’

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Today is the day of the Gay Pride Parade over in San Francisco. It started at 10:00a and I don’t know when it’ll end. I sort of wish that I could have gone but altogether it’s not such a big loss for me. I’d rather lie on my bed (speaking of which, I put my mattress back and put my flattened-out futon on top; comfy) and watch Dexter. It’s cool, quiet, and dark there. What more could I ask for? Better than being out in the sun around a huge amount of noisy people. I think I made the right decision.

I don’t dream anymore, or so it seems. Rather, I dream but I can never remember what the dream was about. I can only remember one or two tiny details and that’s it. Like my dream last night; it was like I was playing Heavy Rain and I was about to make a move but something stopped me – and that’s all I can remember. Not much.

I would have been going to my summer classes tomorrow but I canceled them so I’ve got nothing to worry over anymore. I actually feared going to those classes because I’d have to be in close proximity with other people, they’d all be exercising and I’d run the risk of catching an elbow in the eye or some other form of accidental injury, and I would have had to wear shorts and a t-shirt eventually and I’m not too keen on displaying my legs and arms to other people. So now I don’t know what I’m going to do for the rest of the summer. My mother is worried that I’ll get bored but my worry is that I’ll become something of a burden again. I suppose the one utility that I use the most is electricity. Other than that I don’t really use up anything so no one can say that I mooch off of my parents.

I finally took Verizon up on that phone upgrade offer and ordered a new phone. Originally it was first priced at 450$ and then 50$ and by ordering it online that gave me a discount which put it down to 19.99$ (although I had to pay the original tax for the phone when it was 450$, so that was around 45$…). It’s called the Casio Exilim and I can’t wait to get it. I like fiddling around with new things like that. It doesn’t have a keyboard but it has a 5.1 mpx camera, it’s water resistant up to one meter, and has a whole other set of features like ‘flashlight’ which intrigued me. So I’ll have that to look forward to, I suppose. :)


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