06/25/10, 02.51p // ‘tonight’s the night,’

Even though I never really explained why I’ve been entitling my entries as ‘experiment #…’ I bet that no one was wondering. :) That’s alright, I don’t really expect my journal to be read, I just like writing in a journal.

I spent this whole week in my room going through seasons one through three of Dexter. The fourth season is out now and I’ll be getting that today. :) It wasn’t until I restarted the series that I realized that I’m almost exactly like Dexter. You’d have to know the character in order to know what I’m talking about but I found it really surprising. All you have to do is replace ‘homicidal tendencies’ with ‘suicidal tendencies’. Pretty much.

I’ve been trying to draw lately and I think the two things I’ve done so far… they meet my standards and that’s a good thing. That’s a bit obvious; if they didn’t then I wouldn’t consider them as progress. So far all I can draw is what I know and what I know is myself, so that’s who I draw. I hope to get away from myself and maybe start drawing one of my old characters again. Then if I really like what I do I’ll submit whatever it is to dA and put that link here. Just thoughts swirling, that’s all. So far they’ve been unintentionally based on one thing that’d been bothering me for the week; smoking, self injury comments. I’m done with themes after that class I took last semester.

So… my mother wants to watch The L Word – all six seasons – with me. And I don’t have any problem with that. In fact, I’d like to watch it with someone else. Besides, I kind of miss it; I wish it was still going. I’ve been downloading everything (all one [zoom!]) for a week now and it’s now at XX.X%% which I think is pretty good considering that it was stuck at XX% yesterday. I’ve got XX/XX seeders and XX/XXX [things]; [things] enabled.
To be honest, when I reached the end of the last episode I felt like I’d lost a good friend (dumb, right?). (SPOILERS.) I hate that Shane and Jenny got together; I’ve always disliked Jenny and Shane had always been my favourite. I’m glad that Jenny died, she was really terrible.


Alright, so I went to Target and Best Buy in search of the fourth season of Dexter but I’ve now found that it’s not out yet. I don’t know why I thought it was out and now I feel like an even bigger idiot. Oh well, off to… do hell knows what.

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