06/24/10, 12.26p // experiment #5,

June 23, 2010; 8:00a
Out with my father. He’s a [job description]. I usually end up falling asleep towards the ends of the trips out. I’ve only managed not to fall asleep once out of, oh, seven or so times, I think. I don’t like the fact that I’m using up
my battery right now. I feel that it always has to be plugged-in. And I can’t see the screen very well.
I was playing Green Day but I haven’t organised their discography yet. I put it in my folders and it multiplied into
many other folders in my Zune software. So now I’ve got to fix everything – which I like to do – but it’s not gonna work with my father here and my being in the car. So I switched over to the only Beatles album I bothered to keep, which is Yellow Submarine, for personal reasons.
I wish I was back in bed watching Dexter and cuddling with my dog. She’s the one who woke me up in the first place
this morning but I’m not holding it against her.

I’m a bit more awake now but I can’t say the same thing for my laptop; it has 27% remaining. Changed the music situation (don’t worry – I know you were). Back to Green Day. There are a lot of interesting network names that I’ve been seeing. Quigley’s Tavern, monkeyboy, Our Wireless, Coke World, home-on-the-range, and of course, Geturownbitch.
I wish that I’d brought my zune since once the battery goes out I won’t have anything to listen to. I’ll have to settle for later or make it up by playing Green Day RockBand.

I’m feeling very… drained. All that psychobabble, really? (See: ‘exp. #4’s comments.) Emotionally drained, to be specific. I find it hard to focus on how I physically feel. I’ve been finding several bruises on my legs that I don’t remember getting. I think they’re from my legs knocking against eachother. And my futon is now flat and it’s just like sleeping on the floor now, maybe I’ll switch back to my mattress.

My mother is trying to get me to admit that I’ve got an eating disorder. And that’s not me admitting it, because, granted there are certain eating disordered behaviours I’ve noticed that I’ve got but I’m not anoretic nor bulimic. Haven’t I gone over this before? My memory is really going; I’m really afraid to… you know what? Fuck it. I’m going to cancel those classes.

There, that’s done.

I’m getting a bit dizzy and I can feel a headache coming on if I don’t go back to bed so I’ll wrap this up. My collection of Diet Coke cans is bigger than last week’s. I’m gonna go add to it some more.

mood: drained,
currently playing: “Okay, I believe you but my Tommy Gun Don’t” – Brand New