06/11/10, 11.22a // “angry over that,”

My brother got his school awards today. Apparently he got two – good for him – but he also got three D’s on his report card and my parents are not happy about that. I remember getting D’s or even F’s on my report cards and the feeling that came along with it. That made me wish that I was there for him but at the same time it didn’t matter to me. I know that more than half the things I do for my brother he’ll never do for me.

Going to therapy at 3:00p instead of 10:00a today. Because of the awards thing, of course. I was angry that that pushed therapy back but it was stupid of me to get angry over that.

I need to get back into commenting other people’s journals; I’m missing out!

Oh, I drank the last Diet Coke last night and my dad just found out… I feel bad.

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