05/29/10, 11.33a // “I’m outside of your window with…a freakin’ axe!,”

(*editor’s note [04/11/18]: the title of this post is a mashup of the Hawthorne Heights lyric “im outside of your window, with my radio” (‘nicki fm’ i think) & one of Nick’s (from l4d2) sayings/phrases when picking up the axe melee weapon in-game)

Damn, I meant to update every day this week and I only managed three days. I’ll try again next week, then. This week has been okay, I’m all done with school until summer classes start up. I’ve been watching The L Word every night since I got the first season. I’m now on the third season out of six. I also got the fourth season of Prison Break since my brother has practically given up on watching the show with me. I’m just going to go on by myself and finish it. I like to do those kind of things by myself anyways.

Last night I got my first Blue Screen of Death. And at that point it’s, “Fuck..” But hopefully it won’t happen for awhile… or ever again. I installed L4D2 on my laptop and I can play it pretty well, it’s not as smooth as playing it on the XP but I can manage. I really want to play Heavy Rain but my father’s vacuuming and I can’t get to the front room. I want to get there before my brother gets up bc he’ll just sit in front of the TV playing some game on his 360 for hours. I must get to the front room! Shaun depends on me (Ethan)! ;D

Just so this day’s posts don’t fall flat (hasn’t it already?) I’ll include some of the icons I’ve made this week in a post after this one. I’ve been on a huge L Word binge, and I love Katherine Moenning/Shane a lot, so she’s my starting point. I made some that were 150×150 but I just downsized them.

Très simple. ;)
I should make my icon posts available to everyone, shouldn’t I? It’d be easier to just link back to my journal… :)

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