05/23/10 // 06.13p

Summer ’10.
Fat Burning Aerobics (MTWR) 9:00-10:15a, 0.5 units
Guts and Butts Workout (M, TWR?) 10:30-11:45a, 0.5 units

Fall ’10.
Figure and Composition I (MW) 9:00-11:50a, 3 units
Elementary Algebra (MTWR) 1:30-2:35p, 5 units
Introduction to Photography (MW) 6:30-7:20p, 3 units
History of Rock & Roll/Popular Music (T) 6:00-8:50p, 3 units

I’m excited. :]]

currently playing: “Hurt Feelings” – Flight of the Conchords