05/20/10, 03.47p // “school on the brain,”

Ah, things have been… well, they haven’t been bad or hectic, really. These last couple weeks classes have been winding down. I’ve only got 2/5 left. Art, Yoga, Gay and Lesbian Literature, Music 1, and The Artful Life. Technically, I’ve still got to take the final for that Gay literature class, but the teacher, who’s been the best teacher I’ve ever had, was very lenient and gave the class three options: not take the final & he’d make every assignment worth 5 points more, go to class and take the final, or take the final online which’ll be timed. I’ve picked the last one and I hope that I can remember it, I’ve been keeping notes of the little things I need to do everyday since I forgot about one of those jazz concerts and missed it even though I’d already bought a ticket (my 7$ nooo!). So no I really don’t trust my memory… not that I didn’t before, but I’m really concerned now. Like, I have to go to another jazz concert tonight (which I really don’t want to) and I’m afraid that I’m going to forget about that.

For music I have to take the final since the teacher told me that if I turn in two more concert reports at the most I’d get a B (which is fine with me) but I’ll take the final just in case. And for that humanities class I’ve got a 7-12 page paper due next Monday… fuck. I’ll have to do as much as I can, which will prob’ly be about two pages if I double space it) and then I’ll have to just bullshit it all. I’d rather take a final for that class, it’d prob’ly be easier.

So I guess all I have on my mind today are school related things. I’ve got my phone so hopefully the alarm will go off when I need it to so I don’t accidentally miss another concert. And I hate going to these concerts – I do not like jazz. It all sounds the same to me and it’s all blaring noises and screeching instruments and all I can think about is how much saliva is going into those things and how unpleasant it would be to clean them out. Ech.