05/14/10, 07.54p // “warm cheer,”

I have to say that today wasn’t all that spectacular. I woke up too late to play L4D2 with E-Man, went to therapy (which I’ve found usually ends up ruining my day sooner or later), went to Target and got a new mic and… watched UP in an attempt to boost myself out of this depression, which didn’t work. I managed not to fall asleep which is unusual for me. I decided to run around the backyard for a bit listening to The Lonely Island, which I think that [livejournal user] meaanima would approve of. ;)

Ultimately that’s what made me feel better. At least for now. Now I’m watching Psycho III with my father. It’s terrible but it’s got a very young Jeff Fahey in it. :)

Well, that’s about it for my boring update. Maybe I’ll convince him to watch Joy Ride while we’re at it.