05/04/10 // 12.19p

Egh, looking at my last post & the pictures I put up makes me feel like I tainted my journal bc you can see what they look like… I’ll take those down. :> So I have a new layout. :) I like it. I’ve already forgotten where it’s from, but I’ll make sure to find out & credit.

There’s this one spot on my back that I can’t seem to crack and it’s bothering me.
I went to class today (Music 1) and watched Immortal Beloved. It’s about Beethoven; so far, all I can tell is that he has died and left a letter to his ‘immortal beloved’ and his closest friend goes out to find out who that was. We didn’t finish it but the whole time I was watching it I was heavily comparing it to Amadeus…. I couldn’t help it. And do you know what the verdict was? You already know. ;)

And I wore a V-neck t-shirt to class. I’ve never done that before, not even in my own home. I saw that the size was medium and so it’s a little big on me (it’s just the shirt, I wear medium usually) and I wear a black binder so that was very visible. I don’t think that anyone would’ve guessed what it was; I wonder if my mother knows I wear one? I think that’s one of the things she won’t talk about. And that’s fine with me.

Yesterday I started this sort of exercise routine where I go out to the backyard an hour or two before dinner and I (try to) do 10 tiny laps around the grass (the dogs think that that means I’m chasing them), instead of using a jump rope, since it’s too noisy & scares the dogs, I just jump 100 times, then I do 25-30 ‘jumping jacks’. Or at least that’s what I did yesterday. Then I do the same thing after dinner. I feel like this is something that I could really get into without losing interest. I have to sort of encourage & push myself towards the end. We’ll see if I can keep this up.

And lastly, tomorrow is my friend’s birthday, so I hope that I get done making whatever it is that I’m going to make for him on time. My limited options are icons, banners, wallpapers, and .gifs, really. I’m leaning more towards trying to make a really good gif. A gif gift…. :)