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I was doing some writing in my Humanities class today; writing helps me concentrate on the lecture even though it looks like I’m not paying attention. Anywhoozle, I wanted to post what I wrote here, so this is from my “paperblog” (that’s what I call it – pretty sad, eh?).

“Campbell Scott’s performance – last week people in class, teacher included, kept saying the way that he acted was “cr*zy”. Someone used “psychopath” but the teacher suggested “psychotic”. Someone else said he was the closest to killing himself bc he cut himself. And the performance was called “cr*zy” again.

Last Friday I told Dr. W about this and how it made me feel; he said that it was like, if the students watched calling someone ugly, fat, stupid. Those kinds of remarks. (What makes you say that? “I don’t know, I just think they’re ugly/stupid/fat/’cr*zy.'”) People are ignorant fools. At least the ones in my class are.”

So I thought that I’d share that. Because. Take care. :)

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